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With a presence in the IT market and more than 30 successful projects in portfolio, Syngrama is a complete provider of custom web application development for market leaders and growing companies.

We help our clients embrace mobile-centric web reality and transform legacy systems into modern cross-platform applications.

Leveraging their deep front-end expertise, our web application developers implement the most in-demand web developments. By creating device-independent solutions, we deliver functional, convenient and visually appealing applications and platforms that offer end users a seamless experience on desktops, smartphones and tablets.

By revamping outdated applications, we can modernize or completely redesign outdated and unfriendly web interfaces to align with the changing needs of end users and current technologies.

Additional Services

WEB: Design, Development and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Our web application development experts thoroughly evaluate your business needs and available technologies to help you choose the most relevant one.


We help you define the project roadmap, clarify requirements and prepare detailed documentation to ensure that your future web application is perfect for your company.


We create a prototype to evaluate the feasibility of your idea, its actual implementation, and assess the long-term potential of the web application in progress.

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