Less is more: Through the AB Testing of the apps, we receive feedback from the user that feeds the new versions of the product. In this way, the product evolves aligned with the end user’s expectations. UX Centric: We believe that a digital product should be designed to meet the end user’s expectations. The more ambitious it is in meeting those expectations, the more resistant it will be to competition. The user is always present in our developments. Initially collaborates in the construction of the product and later in its evolution. Agile Methodology: We follow the principles of Design Thinking to guide the interaction with the user. We organize control groups in workshops that validate the ideas and prototypes of the product. Through digital tools we collect feedback from users on prototypes that represent a papier-mâché of the final product. This way we avoid errors and we know in advance the user’s reaction to manage the product. Experts: We plan weekly or biweekly sprints for deliveries. In this way, the customer gets in touch with the product from its construction and the team of programmers receives feedback from the first stages of its construction. Experience has shown us that we obtain the best results by combining our frontend human resources with the backend teams.