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SEO and Digital Marketing: How they benefit your business.

Within Digital Marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) was born around the year 2000. It is a new discipline aimed at improving the positioning of a website in the list of results offered by a search engine (mainly Google) when a user performs a search.

It does this through internal positioning techniques (optimization of the web structure and URLs, keyword and content strategy, internal linking…) and external (as is the case of link building strategies to appear in the media and generate links to the website).

All these actions have a single purpose: to make the website climb positions until it reaches the top of Google and, thus, occupy a visible place in the eyes of potential customers.

Well targeted SEO can provide very interesting advantages for any type of business:

How do we work?

Knowing our client.

In order to establish a good SEO positioning strategy, the client comes first. Therefore, first of all, we define their exact objectives and establish the products or services for which they want to position themselves.

Analysis of the current situation.

We carry out a study of the competition, we carry out a keyword report, we analyse areas for improvement on the website and we detail objectives in Google Analytics for subsequent configuration.

We work on SEO.

We get down to work and start carrying out the established SEO actions being constant and following the objectives set to achieve the best organic positioning in Google.

Reporting and evaluation of results.

We monitor over time to determine what actions have been carried out and what results have been achieved in order to draw conclusions, so that the client is always informed of all the steps.

Frequently asked questions about SEO:

This is one of the most common questions asked by our clients, and also one of the most difficult to answer, as a number of factors come into play that can lead to results sooner or later.

  • Keyword competition: Not all keywords are equally competitive. There are sectors where competition is very strong (fashion, technology, digital marketing itself) while others have hardly any competitors.
  • Effectiveness of the strategy: Going back to the previous question, here the experience you have working in SEO will have a great influence. A weak strategy will take us much longer to position ourselves in the search engines, while if we have experience on our side, the time will be shortened considerably.
  • Budget: Whether you work with an agency to manage your SEO strategy or you do it yourself, the budget will determine to a large extent how quickly you can achieve your results. SEO work often involves expenses such as copywriting and link generation. The higher the budget for these items, the easier it will be to achieve a good position in less time.

Logically there are differences. While in SEO we are working on organic positioning to receive visits at no cost, with SEM what we do is pay these search engines so that our ads appear at the top of the search, without having to wait for it or optimise our website according to SEO guidelines.

An SEO strategy can bring us a large amount of traffic without having to pay more than what we are investing (either time or money) in carrying out web optimisation actions.

With SEM, we have to pay every time a user clicks on our ads, which means that the higher the amount of traffic, the higher the costs. This is also influenced by the amount we are willing to pay for each click (that’s why it is called CPC or Cost Per Click campaigns). A higher CPC will help us to achieve a better position, but it will also mean a higher cost.

On the other hand, with SEO we depend on changes in Google’s (or whatever search engine’s) algorithm and our control is more limited. With SEM we can choose which keywords we want to rank for and set the bids for each one, so we have much more control.

This is another difficult question to answer, as it will largely depend on the competition in our sector and the agency we have chosen to carry out our strategy.

If you are one of those who decide to do SEO by yourself, here the budget will depend on what you are willing to spend. If you have sufficient knowledge it may cost you much less to achieve the desired results, while lack of experience may mean that you make low quality investments and end up costing you more.

When working with an SEO agency you will also find that they have different rates depending on the services offered and the hours of work involved. The higher the investment, the better and faster the results will be.

Definitely not. There are a variety of companies that do search engine optimisation for their clients, and each uses different methods to do so.

In our case, we use a combination of on-page (content and web optimisation) and off-page (quality link generation) factors to ensure that the strategy is sound and that there is no risk of penalties. Working with both is the most advisable option.

If we focus only on content, the process tends to be slower; working only with links, the results will not be as good; but by combining both, success and long-term stability are practically assured.

SEO Services

  • We review the SEO of your current website (in case there is one), detect improvements, and apply them to your positioning strategy.
  • We will study your current objective and draw up an appropriate positioning plan so that you can achieve it in the shortest possible time.
  • We position your business at the top of local searches carried out by users.
  • From our SEO Agency, we will get links that will transmit authority to your website.

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