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E-book publishing services !

YES, it’s true, we don’t want to be the same as the big publishers such as Grupo Anaya, Planeta, Ediciónes Catedra, Ediciones Pirámide, or others that we won’t mention so as not to bore you.

However, WE put ourselves on the same digital level as these notable companies, with such high-quality services that we have nothing to envy them.

We are not fooling you, after so many years working for commercial giants such as Inditex, BBC

and many other world-renowned companies in the field of Publications, Magazines, Prints, Book Covers, Posters, Post-Production, we have decided to continue the journey and share our vast experience with all of you.

We want to join all of you who need to create your digital product with professional software programs such as Adobe InDesign, which can be exported, to create amazing final products and, in addition, we will provide you with a copy that you can also print if you decide to do so afterward.

So, to get you started, we offer the following additional services:

In addition:

We offer you a CLEAR AND TRANSPARENT contract. We believe in the intelligence of our clients and we want you to feel comfortable with us. Therefore, we will offer you the file in Adobe InDesign, when we start the distribution of the final product online through our Editorial e-Shop so that you can have a “copy” for backup purposes, reedition and, why not, if you decide to change publishing house, we will help you.

Please note that we keep our digital copies for a short period of time, three months, so should you need a copy of your InDesign file, you must give us notice within this period for immediate delivery.

Our professionals will talk to you to understand your needs and we will go through the process together, giving you the quality you deserve.

In the meantime, why don’t you submit your project in the form below and we will analyze your e-book idea.

TRUST us, we are here to help you.

Our customers say we are very good! You can check it out in their reviews and testimonials. After all, it’s your SYNGRAMA that we are dealing with.

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