Vasilis Valakos Personal Trainer
Consultancy, Web Design, e-Learning, SEO


The impact of the Covid19 pandemic lockout in spring 2020, and all the changes in the working conditions of the daily life of personal training, have forced personal trainer Vasilis Valakos, to adopt e-Learning and use ways such as a simple online platform for meetings through Zoom Meetings, to move forward and adapt to the new pandemic needs that arose due to the closures.

Faced with the loss of revenue, and lack of evaluation of services, he decided to inform his audience and move towards an IoT solution, such as video meetings, inducing them to stay motivated, and through successful marketing funnels, such as prize draws, special pricing, and personal giveaways, he managed to not only maintain the level of participation but also increase it by a factor of 3 times.


Web development and programming languages:

PHP & WordPress

Web design and prototype:


SEO Campaign:

Google Analytics & Tag Manager




Immediately return to the Internet, give it a new twist and use all possible ways and solutions, in order to maintain its audience and why not increase it.


All information has been sent via the web and personal messaging to customers, and with the second announced closure, Vasilis Valakos, managed to increase the number of his classes and to triple them to date.


People responded immediately and embraced this innovative idea, and achieving the triple audience in this difficult blocking period was not only a virtual success but also the goal we set out with the client from day one. Thank you for trusting Syngrama Digital Transformation.