Plomarion pagina de iniciio
Association of Plomarites of Attica ῾Veniamin of Lesbos῾
Consulting, Web design, SEO


Due to the Covid19 pandemic and the loss of scheduled events, the Plomarion Cultural Association decided to move into a new digital era, creating a multi-platform for their members, now numbering up to 2500 people worldwide.
After successful design and development, and an SEO marketing campaign, they held their first online digital concert which was a huge success and sold out with over 1500 participants online.


Web development and programming languages:

PHP & JQuery, Bootstrap

Web design and prototype:


SEO Campaign:

Google Analytics & Tag Manager




Syngrama Digital transformation has acted in order to join the Internet to not only maintain but also increase the audience.


All content provided by the Association has been copyrighted and the development and campaign strategy has been carried out. Now the members of the Association are looking forward to the upcoming online events and enjoy the cultural side of the city of Plomarion, its island, its music, its culture and its artistic approach.


People embraced and embraced the idea all over the world. All the Island Sponsors supported the website and encouraged members to continue to maintain the culture and history of the Association, also supporting people in need of education. Once again, we would like to thank them for trusting Syngrama Digital Transformation.