NHS England CCG Heatmaps
National Health Service of England through subcontractor Datalytics Technology
Prototype Design Project - (NHS England - London)

NHS England CCG Maps - IoT and Health Prevention - UK

Solid and in-depth knowledge of GCC Mapping and how it works. Integration in AWS, to present to the NHS, as their original infrastructure did not support the advanced technology environment. Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop for the final vectorization, Sketch for the original prototype.

Through prevention case studies and BIG DATA visualization analysis provided by sub-contractor Data Analytics Labs, at the Inovo High Tech building in Glasgow, we designed the main CCG form that now forms part of the CCG maps on the NHS England website.


Web development and programming languages:

Javascript & AWS

Web design and prototype:

Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop

SEO Campaign



Amazon Web Services


Design and cooperation with the developers, up to creating the right environment to present the project potentials to the customer via subcontractor and AWS.


All information was presented through scientific data and developers, with the assurance that the clients were aware of the project delivered and that the main objectives such as presenting the designs and finding different solutions through different technologies had been achieved.


All the results can be found in the NHS England, Health Prevention link provided below. This was a unique project that we collaborated on and that in Syngrama Digital Transformatión we consider it a great experience.