Mitox Travel Agencia de Viajes
Jaime Micola, Mitox Travel Tour operator.
Redesign, Web development and SEO Campaign

Mitox Travel & Covid19

Mitox Travel is not just another project. It is the first trilingual project, with all the content translated into 3 different languages: English, Spanish, and Catalan. The owner had this idea of redesigning the old format of his website, to come up with something more sophisticated and elegant, giving a new experience to his users, creating an environment that would not only please them but also attract new ones.
Through the process, both parties decided to move forward with a fresh design, something that would have a great visual impact on the user, and create memorable web experiences for everyone.

Herramientas y Metodología

Web development and Programming languages:

PHP - WordPress / Certificado SSL

Prototypes and Design:


SEO Campaign:

Google Analytics - Tag Manager


Blog and Travel Agency.


Once the website was in maintenance, prototypes were created and when the decision was finalised and taken, Syngrama’s development team was engaged to create this amazing website.


All content delivered comes from the owner, plus images and text in 2 languages; our Translation department collaborated on the English version, offering an alternative to a website that is actually faster and creates an extraordinary online experience.


Since its inception they have been involved with the web and interaction has been remarkably high. With more emphasis on weekend getaways and trips to Asia and Africa, Mitox Travel is registering an increase in audience and traffic, relative to the short time it has been online. Another goal achieved, and we as Syngrama Digital Transformation would like to thank Mitox for the trust placed in our services.