Libreria Española
Sotiris Nikolopoulos - Founder
Consulting, Graphic Design of the Web, e-Commerce, SEO Campaign

Librería Española Nikolopoulos: 2016 - 2018


redesign and, above all, the development of communication skills to deeply understand the needs and increase online sales.

Sotiris Nikolopoulos, who passed away in 2018, decided at the time to create for the first time an innovative experience for his customers. He and his sister, Kostantía, who were trying to follow the same path and pace, tried to create a figure of Exclusive Publishing House.

After his death, it was Kostantía – his sister and co-founder – who took over the web services.

She moved forward and changed the direction of the strategy, and we helped her to integrate the old database into the new style she had chosen with another provider.

Tools used and Methodology:

Web development, and Programming languages:

PHP, WordPress, e-commerce, Woocomerce

Web Design and Development:

Sketch, Illustrator

SEO Campaign:

Google Analytics, Tag Manager


Digital Commerce at its core.


Its transformation to the digital era with an exclusive Internet project positioned the bookshop, from the 1st week, at the top of the local market, increasing sales up to 103%.


We collected all the information on the Internet about the books sold by the publishing house, which also distributed the books of Anaya, Cátedra, and other well-known publishers, and created a user-friendly, one-page online e-commerce site that sells throughout Greece.


The public responded immediately, embraced this innovative idea, and they managed to triple the audience. Since the change of layout and design, sales have increased, and that is always the case with the right strategy. We are always open to discussing again with  Liberia Española Nikolopoulos and to continue to be their partners in the near future.