Iustitia app
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Ministry of Justice, the Secretary of State for Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence.
Branding, Consulting, Web & Graphic Design, Digital commerce.

Iustitia (Justice)

Syngrama, a technology company and consultancy specialized in the digitization of its clients and in digital marketing, has created an App called Iustitia, already legally registered in Greece and Spain, whose objective is to improve the efficiency and organization of the groups of attorneys and lawyers who act before the Spanish courts.

Recently the media have echoed the development by the Ministry of Justice, together with the Secretary of State for Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence (SEDIA) and the State Tax Administration Agency (AEAT), of a set of technical and organizational procedures, as well as associated tools, to provide legal certainty in digital immediacy and non-face-to-face services.
Digital immediacy makes it possible for citizens, private entities, and public administrations, as well as the professionals who represent them, to appear electronically in court hearings or conciliation acts before judges or lawyers of the Administration of Justice, among other things.

The Iustitia App is the ideal complement to this process by making it easier for legal professionals to efficiently manage their court appointments.

Go ahead and enter our digital world!

Tools and Methodology

App platforms:

iOS and Android

Web design and prototype:

Figma, Illustrator


Greece, Spain


Improves the productivity of the day to the Attorneys and Lawyers.