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Scottish Power, windmills and smart cities

Graphic design and digital redesign of the user interface of analog platforms, such as SCADA, into a more visual and updated composite platform.

Since 2016, when we were redesigning the SCADA platform into a more user-friendly interface, adjusted to the new digital era, a certain project came to life and has already been published by both the University of Strathclyde and Iberdrola.

It has been a unique experience where we participated through Datalytics Technologies as a subcontractor, located in the Innovo building in the wonderful city of Glasgow.
You can see more on the following links to both websites and the presentation they offer online.


Web development and programming languages:

Javascript & AWS

Web design and prototype:

Sketch & Adobe Illustrator

SEO Campaign



Amazon Web Services


The redesign of the digital SCADA platform, brought together project managers from the University of Strathclyde who delivered their final work in 2016.


All information has been published by Iberdrola and Scottish Power on their official websites.


The Syngrama team is very pleased to have participated in 2016 in this innovative project of large companies such as Iberdrola and Scottish Power, in relation to different actions in Renewable and Sustainable Energies with wind turbines.