Unified Lawyer Association of Athens, Greece
Prototypes, Design & Digital Marketing.

Apps iOs y Android

Consultancy for the meaning of the app.

Android and iOS operating systems are programmed in different languages. This is exactly the biggest difference: iOS apps run in Objective-C / Swift, while Android apps run in Java. Still, all this is changing rapidly due to Google’s technology and Flutter, which provides, on both operating systems, the same user experience.

Tools and Methodology:

App development and programming languages:

Flutter - Dart - Swift - Objective C

Design and app Prototypes:


SEO campaign:

When in execution


A.R. & Dart.


We took notes on the needs of the Association, in order to provide the best user experience of the application. After some time, we reached beta testing for the iOs operating system, as the client asked us to deliver it initially on this operating system. We will keep you informed with more details in the near future.


All information such as countdown and numbering, as well as guidelines and timelines, comes from within the court of law and in real-time. The goal is to beta-test synchronize the judge’s bell when a court case is over with the online real-time countdown application.


Beta testing is the period in which the user checks the usability of the application. Soon we will launch the final application and, why not, ask the customer if they will need it on 2 operating systems.