Dr. Spyros Varthis - DDS, MS, PhD - Prosthodontist - Implants - Cosmetic Dentistry
Brand Identity, Design and Development, CV presentation

Dr. Varthis One page curriculum vitae

Dr. Varthis has been involved with his patients for decades, so much so that he was always being told that he should advertise his attractive curriculum, so he decided to create a one-page presentation. Dr. Varthis is an excellent prosthodontist, a specialist in implant and cosmetic dentistry, who uses new technologies to achieve the best aesthetic results for his unique patients.

There is a lot of competition in New York, especially in the medical sector, and yet Dr. Varthis has created a unique experience for his audience and has managed to increase traffic to his websites, profiles, workspaces, etc.

Tools and Methodology

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PHP - WordPress / SSL Certificate

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Google Analytics - Tag Manager


Curriculum Vitae one page


A great story in a nutshell; Dr. Varthis sent Syngrama Digital Transformation the content we asked for, in order to create the best user experience on the web.


CVs are often used by professionals, academics such as teachers, lecturers and university instructors, so Dr Varthis, who has more than one of these facets, explains in plain English, his background so far, his knowledge and what makes him so unique in the industry.


People responded and traffic increased, but not only from individuals but also from companies, who were attracted to this brilliant mind. We are pleased to say that his path now continues with a nationwide company and is inexorably headed for success that will undoubtedly continue to come. As Syngrama Digital Transformation we would like to thank him for the trust he has placed in us.