Aesthetic Dental Network - New York - USA
Branding, business strategy, Web and Graphic Design, SEO opt.

Aesthetic Dental Clinics

Simple concept, easy to follow by its creators. A common platform for all people who need exclusive expertise from specialists in the field.

Through advanced techniques, the whole team adds value by applying their qualified expertise and high technology. Each patient is offered an unforgettable experience, currently used in two US states, New York and Los Angeles.

Tools and Methodology

Web development and programming languages:

PHP - WordPress / SSL Certificate

Web desig nand Prototypes


SEO Campaign

Google Analytics - Tag Manager


Booking system - SSL Certificate


With a deep understanding of the team’s needs, Syngrama Digital Transformation offered the best high-tech solutions to the Clinics franchise, creating a very clear, unique, and memorable online user experience.


According to the organic traffic of the campaign, the increase of new customers added has been up to 25% over the last 7 months.


People love specialists. Specifically, those who can guarantee the best results at the best value for money in New York. We look forward to the next step, perhaps in Europe.