Gary Noce
Branding Identity, SEO & Digital Marketing, Consulting, Graphic Design, Online Commerce.

Cape Cod Fox Meadow House

The main idea was to improve and add to an Airbnb website, an e-shop to also sell Cape Cod-related products and improve the user experience in the process.

The first impression after hearing from Gary that he wanted to increase sales and improve the current Airbnb was that he also wanted to add to the user experience for his customers. We set to work and created an online website, which not only implemented the Airbnb features but also added e-commerce where products were available to customers.

Tools and Methodology

Web development and Programming Languages:

PHP, WordPress, e-commerce, Woocomerce

Graphic Design and Prototypes

Sketch, Illustrator, Figma.

SEO Campaign:

Google Analytics, Tag Manager


Online Commerce in its core with strong SEO programming


Syngrama researched the local market and all possible links to create an amazing user experience while online.


All were imported goods from foreign countries, with the main intention to offer high-quality standards to users and owners of online commerce.  In order to enhance the experience, prices were linked to customer information and characteristics.


People responded online and, to this day, continue to buy products that are considered to be of the highest quality. Thank you for trusting Syngrama Digital Transformation!