Enrique Arias-Rojo

Co-Founder and Financial Consultant of Syngrama Digital Transformation, he is a Digital Dreamer since 2004. The human dimension is fundamental to starting any successful project and this is where wonderful emotional relationships between the company and the people emerge.


He has helped many clients to tell their stories, grow and stand out in a competitive digital world through the creative projects he has been involved in, as well as his contributions in e-learning, a field in which he has incorporated more creative and strategic values.

His philosophy 

His philosophy revolves around the principle of creativity, and so every challenge he takes on to improve the client’s vision, he does so with authentic elements of consultancy.

Through his intuition and strategic skills, he integrates the research and methodology that applies to traditional media into the new digital age.

Enrique believes that young people with different backgrounds can benefit enormously

of the daily exchange of information, but, above all, of the complicity and the playfulness that takes place every day.

Heterogeneity is a great resource because everyone’s different forms of expression are available to everyone, and the integration of them allows a safe return, in terms of problem solving and originality.

¨I am just a student. Nothing more than a curious and inquisitive mind trying to know the truth and its values through my work and its relation to the outside world. My creative goal is to understand the fundamentals that create a powerful image and through this process, I have found myself again. I love what I do.¨

Enrique Arias Rojo

I like to challenge limits: often stepping on the accelerator because the passion to push people's skills is irrepressible. Analyzing, questioning, and reworking is the only way to offer an increased exchange of experiences. This is the real key to success.