Anargyros Ispanopoulos

Anargyros Ispanopoulos is a Greek multidisciplinary creator of useful, curious, and beautiful things. He offers consulting solutions in Madrid.


While working for industry giants around the world, he redefined his knowledge base and became stronger and thirstier for continuous evolution. Without hesitation and with Google Certifications, as a Digital Analyst, he uses his knowledge in Marketing, Advertising Management, Social Media Marketing, YouTube Marketing, and Email Marketing, creating an impressive portfolio. He uses all the available tools provided to him to ensure that Authors, Companies all those who trust him for his talents are not out of luck.

 I always keep in mind where I come from: I started as a member of a small company, but with a desire to achieve something big. That’s why at Syngrama Digital Transformation we work so hard. In order to develop tools that enable companies to achieve their own ambitions.

Anárgyros Ispanópulos

I always work hard to help people improve their businesses, so they can achieve their own ambitions. At Syngrama, we develop tools that enable companies, just like yours, to grow as much as they want.